If you’re looking to transport a car across the UK, then you’ve come to the right place. We at Ecomotive Logistics are a trusted team of professionals, gaining and retaining clients not only because of the care we have for our customers but because of the care we take toward our customers’ cars. 
If you’ve never used a vehicle transportation service before, then you may not be aware of what’s involved. 
Firstly, it’s important to do your research. Don’t simply look at that vehicle transport company’s website. Be sure to look for external, non-biased customer reviews via Google reviews or other independent review sites. Check to make sure the vehicle transport company covers the area in which you want a car or van collected from, but also check that they cover the destination you’d like it delivered. All too often this can be forgotten. Ecomotive covers the whole of the UK! 
Once you know what you want, ask for a quote — or at least an estimate for the entire cost of the service you’re wanting — so you’re not met with any surprises when you do get the bill. Be aware that further information may be required in order to provide a quote or estimate. 
A good logistics company will conduct a full inspection before moving the vehicle. Be sure to ask when making your enquiries as to whether they do this and to what depth. Condition both inside and out, as well as any dents and scratches should all be covered, but be sure to check so there are no surprises. The current mileage on collection may also be recorded, as well as any fuel levels. We would advise doing your own checks ahead of any vehicle collection just for your own peace of mind. We would also advise to remove any belongings at this time. 
Make sure a vehicle transport company goes through its insurance with you. All transport companies should have their own insurance for the transportation of cars, which will cover both theft and damage. Ecomotive Logistics takes exceptional time and care to ensure that a customer’s pride and joy arrives just as it was collected. Be sure to understand the insurance type covered by a company ahead of signing anything. 
It’s also important to ask how an individual transport company works; what their process is and what the journey may look like. Some will have more in-depth updates of your vehicle’s journey for example than others. We like to keep in contact with our customers, so they’re aware of each stage. 
These points are all to ensure you as the customer feel as comfortable as possible with the service. If you do have any questions at all, our reliable and friendly customer service colleagues are on hand via telephone on 01162 838 507 or you can email us at bookings@ecomotive.biz. 
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