Who, and what is Ecomotive at February 2019? 

There is a time and a place to tell your story, and for us at Ecomotive this seems like an opportune moment. 
I (for it is Tom who is writing this), along with William Locke and owen Jackson started our journey in the summer of 2014...and it was terrifying! Not just because there was paint all over the place as we tarted up an office that my sister dubbed ‘the taxi rank’, but also because we didn’t know if anyone would make any bookings! 

What do people really want out of a car? 

I know I’m old fashioned, and probably not typical when it comes to car buying. But I know that so I’m ok. I do wonder sometimes though...what is it that normal people value most in a car? And, in all honesty which one are you? I’ll jot down some options! 
Firstly, there’s me - I think the least normal of the three choices. 
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