What do people really want out of a car? 

I know I’m old fashioned, and probably not typical when it comes to car buying. But I know that so I’m ok. I do wonder sometimes though...what is it that normal people value most in a car? And, in all honesty which one are you? I’ll jot down some options! 
Firstly, there’s me - I think the least normal of the three choices. 
I value function over form and vehicle dynamics above all other attributes. This, however, can sometimes come at a cost...particularly to aesthetic appeal. Small wheels are often my preferred choice, and proper boots on a 4x4 are a must. The amount of 22” wheeled Range Rovers and coupe 4x4’s that get sold prove that I am not the norm. 
The second group are the tech people. They are a key demographic for today’s manufacturers. When I think about this I always think of BMW’s iDrive, released in 2002 in the E65 7 Series. People found it a challenge at first but I still think it is the purest system they ever made in many ways. Whether it’s Tesla, an older incumbent manufacturer or a future market disruptor it is technology that has become increasingly important. 
Finally, and possibly the biggest group, certainly in the UK, are the group focused almost solely on aesthetics. There are a few statistics to back this up on our little island...despite our mixed weather we buy the most convertible vehicles of all European countries and when you go abroad it is obvious that foreign cars are bereft of big wheels in most cases. Coupe 4x4’s are de-rigueur despite not offering the practicality of a 4x4 or the dynamics of a coupe, and we spec uncomfortable race inspired seats in our sports cars despite most of us not being racing drivers or using the vehicle on track. Image is king. 
Personally, I am delighted that all of the groups exist (or mixes of all three). It means that the world is a more colourful and interesting place. I hope all three prosper and I love trying cars that I would never buy! Vive la difference. 
Which one are you? 
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