Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Policy 

Ecomotive believes that Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles are crucial to developing resilient companies. We are committed to integrating ESG into our business process and operating philosophy. We at Ecomotive Logistics are a trusted team of professionals, gaining and retaining clients not only because of the care we have for our customers but because of the care we take toward our customers’ vehicles. With the use of uniformed trade plate drivers and vehicle transporters we offer industry leading final mile logistics solutions. 
ESG Governance 
Our Operations Director oversees our policies and operational controls for environmental, health, safety and social risks, supported by our Board of Directors. The board meets regularly to set goals, budgets, and implementation timelines and monitor progress and results. 
ESG Commitment 
Our commitment is to integrate ESG across our business to deliver positive environmental, social, and governance benefits for our employees, customers, partners, communities, and the planet. 
ESG Pillars 
Minimise our environmental footprint for a healthier tomorrow. 
Reduce carbon emissions with £70k investment in route optimisation software to improve efficiencies & the incorporation of safe and fuel efficient driving in driver cpc training. 
Responsible disposal/recycling of old tyres & waste lubricants. 
Using renewable electricity supplier at our head office. 
Foster positive stakeholder relationships. 
Employee engagement & experience. 
Workplace health, safety & well-being. 
Customer experience. 
Diversity, equality & inclusion. 
Community Outreach 
Establish sound & sustainable corporate policies & business practices. 
Business ethics & integrity. 
Stakeholder engagement. 
Ecomotive has integrated environmental, social and governance standards to deliver sustainable modern logistics. Some of these include: 
£70k investment in route optimisation software designed to ensure efficiency and help to reduce carbon emissions (phase 1 July 23, phase 2 December 23). 
Daily vehicle checks including tyre pressures to improve fuel economy. 
Provide off site training for new recruits to reduce the need for multiple vehicles travelling to our site. 
Plans to provide a hub and spoke model locations to reduce Final mile logistics 
SAFED (Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving) included within driver CPC training. 
Installation of electric charging points at our site. 
Responsible disposal/recycling of waste materials. Our waste tyres are recycled in the UK and are used to manufacture quality rubber chippings which are used in various UK markets, including sustainable fuel. View registration WEX359546 (data.gov.uk) Our waste oil is collected and recycled by Enva https://enva.com/ 
Registration with The Green Initiative to show our commitment to recycle. 
Collective benefits accessible for employees/contractors who have 6+ months service. 
Staff cycle to work scheme through bike2work.co.uk 
Monthly collection of donations for the local food bank. 
Diverse range of staffing in all areas of the business from age, ability, nationality, ethnicity, religious background and gender. 
The introduction of Trustpilot and the use of Google reviews aligns with our mission to provide industry leading standards in vehicle delivery. 
The use of an external finance director ensures compliance with financial laws & regulations. 
Looking ahead 
Ultimately, success across all areas of ESG will only be successful in executing our strategy, driving forward with technology and bringing all of our key stakeholders along on the journey. Of course, progress can only happen through ongoing education and willingness to adapt to shifts in environment, society and governance best practices. We are committed to ongoing analysis of where we can make changes and improvements to ensure our part in final mile logistics is more sustainable year on year. 
We’re inspired and motivated by the engagements of all our stakeholders, particularly our employees. We know that by following our values and working together, we can achieve our ESG priorities and make a world of difference for each other, our communities and our planet. 
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