Vehicle Handovers 

The handover of a new vehicle is a vital part of the customer experience and drivers must spend  
some quality time when delivering a new vehicle handing over the vehicle to the end customer. 
Spend some quality time showing the customer all around their new vehicle, make sure that they are happy to confirm the vehicle is clean and free of damage both inside and outside. 
Show and explain the opening/operation of any fuel filler caps or electrical recharging points on the vehcile. Make sure you advise on opening of both the boot/hatchback and bonnet. 
Show and discuss the contents of the boot and wheel well, make sure that you show the customer any spare wheel or tyre inflation kit, the locking wheel nut, any charging cables and any associated tools. 
Make sure that the customer is aware of any lease or vehicle delivery packs and driver information cards supplied by the originator. 
Ask the customer to sit in the driving seat and spend some time describing the basic controls of the vehicle. Make sure you include window operation, mirror and seat adjustment, steering wheel buttons/controls, lights, washers and wipers, heating and air conditioning, use and navigation around on screen menus, operation of the satnav, radio/audio and pairing of a mobile phone. Mention the SOS function if there is one. 
Show the operation of the automatic gearbox or manual transmission and how any electronic parking brake is operated. 
Always ask if the customer has any further questions. 
When completing the delivery form in moDel, it is a mandatory requirement for the end customer to answer the delivery form questions confirming cleanliness, damage free status, handover acceptance and the important delivery experience score. 
Additional customer specific handover requirements can be accessed through the links below : 
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